Selling your house quickly and the best tips for doing this

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 Selling your house quickly

People sell their homes for many reasons. Sometimes the choice to sell is planned, and other times, people choose to sell their homes quickly.

Selling your house quickly is a personal decision. Here are some reasons why people sell their properties fast:

  • Selling your house quickly due to financial difficulties;
  • Selling your house quickly due to a divorce;
  • Selling your house quickly due to a bereavement;
  • Selling your house quickly in order to fund a move abroad; and
  • Selling your house quickly to buy a dream home

The top 2 tips when selling your house quickly

Tip #1: choosing the right conveyancing solicitor

As with any property purchase, the buyer and seller require solicitors to carry out necessary searches and checks. Another important role the solicitor has is to collect monies from the buyer to deliver to the seller.

The best way to find a solicitor when selling your house quickly is by visiting the law directory. Here is a link to the Law Society website:

Tip #2: ensure all potential buyers can follow through

When selling your house fast, you need to ensure that the buyer can follow through. Following through means completing all paper documentation in a timely manner, and paying the full asking price for the property.

Requesting proof of funds before accepting an offer is good practice when selling your house fast. If anything, you will be guaranteed that the potential buyer can afford to buy your property.

Food for thought when selling your house quickly

When selling your house quickly it is important to remember that the buyer and seller are not legally obliged to follow through until contracts are exchanged. For this reason, even if a buyer demonstrates interest and provides proof of funds, both parties are not legally bound until contracts are exchanged.





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